Aluminium enclosures

Adaptable to any window shape or architectonic design. They clearly provide a high aesthetic component, they not only protect, they also decorate.
The wide range of colours includes plain or anodised shades. Woods with flat or textured surface finish according to the new architectonical trends and providing every project with innovation and differentiation.
The great variety of types and systems included are detached in series and types of windows depending on the needs: sliding, folding, tilt-and-turn windows, accordion windows, louvered windows, permanent and detachable ceilings, paneled doors, thermal bridge break and blends.

Aluminium sliding series made-to-measure according to the client’s needs. Great possibility of customization, having the possibility to choose all the sheets needed, fixed lower, balconies. According to the dimensions, there are different profiles to guarantee the correct running of the product (Alp-21 for windows, Élite door for windows and balconies, Magna series for big dimensions doors and liftings for heavy weight and big dimensions doors, Rpt. series. With thermal break worth a higher thermal insulation).

The series PLEGABLE CALA is the system that gets to fold the sheets with each other in one or two directions, being perfect to achieve the maximum opening in a balcony or terrace, porch or business premises.
Aluminium tilt-and-turn windows, with modern designs and curved lines. Perfect for airing a room without the inconvenient of the curtains. There is the possibility of having folding windows instead of tilt-and-turn windows. You can combine it with side fixings or upper or inferior fixings. (Gp-40-45 European chamber series, Gpr-45 with thermal break and Gp-60 series with thermal break to have a bigger glass).

Aluminium louvered windows adaptables to rehabilitation work or new building work and having to ways (according to the needs) of adjustable louvers to be able to adapt the incoming light or fixed louvers. They can be from one to four sheets on doors and windows.

Made-to-measure detachable ceilings composed of a modular structure which allows the desired opening. They are composed of three panels, one of them stays fixed and the others slide. Profiles equipped with flush to secure the seiling. The panels can be of opaque thermal aluminium, 16 mm opal or transparent polycarbonate.

Laminate aluminium blinds for all types of windows and doors with polyurethane foam, with thermal instulation, soundproofing and wind resistance. Extrusion shutters for doors with a superior width and self-blocking systems for a higher safety. Motorized shutters by button or by remote control.

PVC enclosures

There is a great variety of plain colours and textured woods in PVC enclosures. They have a great capacity for thermal insulation thanks to heir low thermal conductivity. Tilt-and-turn windows that allow a permanent opening to air the room, or the possibility of opening the windows even more to air the room and to achieve a better way to clean them. Sliding windows provide a system of sliding sheets on top-hat rails, allowing us to combine two, three, four ore more sheets.

  • Facade enclosures
  • Permanent ceilings
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Grids
  • Handrails
  • Sliding and folding doors
  • Windows for roofs
  • Sliding and folding doors for wardrobes
  • “Rotune” windows
  • Thermal bridge
  • Louvered windows
  • Folding windows
  • Sash windows
  • Tilt-and-turn windows
  • Casement windows
  • Accordion windows
  • Oscillating parallel windows
  • Mosquito netting
  • Automated blins
  • Self-blocking security windows
  • Garage doors
  • Detachable ceilings
  • Lifting slides
  • Self-blocking blinds

All the range of available colour profiles (Ral Colour Chart) and wood profiles.