Home, companies or industry.

We work with various of the first brands of mechanisms that actually exist in the market: Simón, BJC, Legrand, Bticino, Niessen, Hager, etc. in the housing, business or industry refurbishments.

Installation of home automation systems to control, automation and energy saving. We are specialists in KNX home automation systems.

Housing. The instalation consists of 7 circuits, at least:

  • the lighting.
  • the oven and hob.
  • other uses for plugs.
  • humid places for bathroom and kitchen worksurface plugs.
  • for the water heater.
  • for the washing machine.
  • for the dishwasher, air conditioning, tumble dryer.

Surface installations with PVC tube and watertight mechanism for garages and industries or with steel tube. Multiple wall tube (urbanization type) to bury the private lighting in a detached house or street lighting.

Intercom. We work with the best brands in the market: Fermax, Tequi,  Bticino with systems with only voice, analogical video, digital, options of several access, mixed systems, porter’s plate, etc. Very useful two-wire systems to remodel old installations with video or audio. Wireless systems for detached house with long distance and total mobility. Door opening with remote control, code and presence.

Lighting. Installation of all the types of lightings: embedded LED bulb, halogen headlight, downlight, lamps, ceiling roses, decorative shades, etc., of different brands such as BJF, Osran, Cristher, Dopo, Fenoplastica, Erco, etc. Wide range of lighting for businesses and exterior (streelights, wall lights, columns, walkable lights, waterproof lights, embedded lights, streetlamps).

In our electric installations we use low halogen cables that DO NOT produce noxious fumes in case of fire.