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Anti-fire glass

Its action is preventive and it has the function to avoid the propagation of fire to allow the safe evacuation of a building in case of accident. Furthermore, it facilitates, with safe conditions, the firefighters’ performance to fight the fire. Each specific application is preestablished by the minimum resistance codes in minutes against fire. Apart from satisfy different resistance degrees against fire from 30 to 120 minutes, they present different degrees of thermal insulation as an additional advantage.

Sgg ContraFlam

Double glazing consisting of two tempered glasses and two laminated glasses separated by a peripheral frame with a double barrier sealing and by a transparent and colourless gel with the mission to absorb the radiation emissions in case of fire. ContraFlam satisfies the four resistence against fire criteria:
– Mechanic resistance.
– Thermal insulation.
– Sealing against fire.
– Absense of emission of inflammable gases.


The acoustic transmission through glass and walls of a builgins is related to the flexibility/mass law. That is, the heavier and more flexible the material is, it will carry out the better reduction of acoustic transmission; and it is due to the rigidity of the glass that it tends to transmit the sound of other building materials. The door and window framing systems are a very important element in the acoustic control. We have to take into account that window framing systems that allow a higher air filtration, they also allow a higher acoustic transmission.
The mechanical and safety characteristics of the acoustic glass are similar to the characteristics of a safety glass and they offer different levels of protection for material goods and people. Its soundproofing lie in the film that joins the layers of glass together and this glass has acoustic properties. The configuration of thickness of the glass sheets is very important to break the drum effect.

Sgg Stadip Silence

SGG STADIP SILENCE is a laminated glass that provides a safety and reinforced soundproofing. It is composed of two or more glass sheets assembled with one acoustic PVB (polyvinyl butyral) film or more. This acoustic PVB is named PVB Silence. The glass obtained from this process offers the best acoustic features and identical safety levels of SGG STADIP and SGG STADIP PROTECT.


The insulation glass consists of two or more parallel glasses separated between them by one or several chambers of air dehydrated by heavy gases (SF6, argon, krypton). This glass has the best characteristics of thermal and acoustic insulation. Between the glasse, there is an aluminium profile with the air dehydrated inside. The set remains closed because the two glass sheets are joined to the aluminium profile by butyls that act as the first watertight barrier.
The second barrier is obtained by the sealing done by silicone automatically applied. It is made with chambers of air with different measures: 6, 8, 12, 16 mm.

Thermal insulation

The double glass fulfils the “thermal function” because it hinders the thermal exchange between two rooms by delimiting and insulating hot and cold temperatures. The double glass provides a reduction of heat flows due to the thermal resistance caused by the dry air at rest inside the chamber. The heat always tends to pass by conduction through the glass from the warm zone to the cold zone. In summer, the heat is outside and tends to penetrate the interior of the building, thus, in order to eliminate this we need a B.T.U.’s production. The heat flow phenomenon depends directly on the K coefficient. The K coefficient of heat transmission indicates the amount of heat that stays in an hour through a glass of one m2 when the difference of air temperature on both sides of the glass is of 1 degree. The K coefficient of thermal transmision for simple glass is high (5 Kcal/h.m2 ºC). The double glass reduces the heat flow or K coefficient of thermal transmision to 2.6 Kcal/h.m2 ºC, that is, a 50% of energy savings. And, the double glass composed of a low-emissivity glass the transmission is 1,5 Kcal/h. m2ºC, with the 70% of energy savings. Thus, in both cases, both in winter (calorie production) or in summer (B.T.U. production), the double glass provides an interesting energy saving, size and performance of the installations.

Apart from the savings mentioned above, there are more advantages of the double glass. We can emphisize the following:

  1. The internal side of the double glass has a higher superficial temperature, therefore the cold surface effect is reduced and, as a consequence, the risk of consensations that steam up simple glasses is minimized; thus, we will always have a clear vision.
  2. The room or building temperature is more uniform. This allows a more comfortable occupation and even it is possible to lower the heating some degrees.
  3. All the mentioned above makes possible a more comfortable architecture with larger glazing surfaces and an increase of the natural lighting without increasing the energy consumption.


Float glass is made by the float and thermal polish procedure with an excellent planimetry. It is the most common used glass as a base for manufactures and in double glazing.


Low emissivity solar control glass are high features glasses. They are composed of two glass sheets and a chamber. One of the sheets has been treated with sputtering or pyrolysis, placing on it a multi-sheet system including one or several sheets precious metals. Depending on the type of layer and sheet placed, the glasses carry out different functions.
Depending on the composition of the sheet placed and base glass used, different tonalities are obtained. We can obtain a wide range of possibilities, that answers every specific need, by combining the position of the layer, thickness and colour of the glass.
Placement direction:
To avoid any type of alteration in the layer, this one must always be placed:
• Simple glass: inwards
• Double glass: inwards of the air chamber placed in the second sheet in order to reduce the solar factor and to optimize the aesthetic effect.

With a silver coating barely perceptible to the naked eye. This guarantees an extraordinary high light transmission (the highest in the market: T.L. 76%) and offers a 90% heat reflection from outside back in in the room or building.


Sgg Stadip

SGG STADIP is a safety glazing composed of two or more glasses (flat or curved) with one or several polyvinyl butyral sheets in between them. The polyvinyl butyral is a material with a high adherence to the glass and a high resitance and elasticity. This glass and polyvinyl butyral set when is under pressure and temperature, it welds solidly and forms a compact block that keeps the glass transparency and is able to bear violent impacts without breaking.
In the production of SGG STADIP, all types of glasses can be combined: PLANILUX, PARSOL, REFLECTASOL, COOL-LITE y PLANITHERM such as colour, colourless or translucent butyral, in order to achieve the desired technical or aesthetic effect. The SGG STADIP safety degree depends on the composition of thickness and number of sheets used.
SGG STADIP provides the appropriate protection for:

  1. To avoid personal injuries in case of accident.
  2. To reduce risk of theft.
  3. To prevent assaults with firearms.

SGG STADIP keeps the glass together before a possible breakage and prevents detachements, accidents or hollows where people can have an accident. This SGG STADIP quality has a special importance for viewpoint parapets, balconies or terraces. SGG STADIP for those places with easy access from outside is useful as a protection barrier to prevent or to hold up the access of people. Business premises have to allow a personal and direct contact with clients and, at the same time, they have to offer an appropriate security for the items they sell. And, sometimes, they have to guarantee the protection of the employees.


We make made-to-measure bathroom mirrors. Imagine your perfect mirror and we will make it happen. We have at our disposal a wide catalogue to help in your mirror customization. A wide range of shapes, engraving and bevelling is at your disposal. With a great variety of finishes and the professionalism of our staff.
Mirrors give spaciousness and life to your bathroom, that is why your choice of mirror is very important if you want to enhance and give an exclusive feel to your bathroom.

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  • Silence glass
  • Opal glass
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