General maintenance neighbourhood community in Santa Pola.

General maintenance neighbourhood community

    • Building work management and execution.
    • Terraces, patios, warehouses, and wells waterproofing.
    • Elimination of architectonic barrier for physically handicapped people.
    • New installation of lifts, ground-level lift doors and change of lift doors.
    • Renovations of hallways and stairs.
    • Rehabilitation of pillars, slab bridges with special products such as sikamonotop 612, sikamonotop 618, sikatoparmatec, epocem 110.
    • Cleaning and repair of gresite, cracks, sealing joints, swimming pools.
    • Blockage repair in general.
    • Closure of finish concrete block, latticework, balustrades.
    • Supply and installation of artificial grass, heather and wicker sunshades.
    • Arrangement of a space or closet to place letter boxes (supply and installation of letter boxes).
    • Creation of playgrounds and sport areas.
    • Engine water pump rooms soundproofing.
    • Microcement, permanent and detachable pavings.
    • Pavings and tiled pavings.
    • Facades.
    • Electric installations, plumbing and HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning).
    • Smoke fumes extraction.
    • Rennovation of air in different rooms.
    • Permanent, detachable, vinyl permanent and sound-absorbing ceilings.