Novodeco paintwork is a company in constant evolution with many years of experience and dedication in the field of paintwork and decoration. We have at our disposal a great infrastructure of professionals with the resources, modern materials and the most innovative machinery to achieve a high quality finish.

We commit ourselves to analyze your project rigorously according to the needs and to carry out the project within the stipulated period. We adapt ourselves to your timetable assuring the highest quality. We offer excellent finish protecting your furniture, floor, doors and windows all the time in order that there will not be any damage.

Our only objective is our clients’ satisfaction, offering our best service and dedication.



Wide range of colours, with a matt plastic paint finish, satin-finish and bright finish.
STUCCO: (your choice of colours)

  • Venetian Stucco.
  • Whitewashed Stucco.
  • Marble.
  • Marbling effect, for all kinds of rooms in the house, with the great decorative finish.

POLISHING PAINT FINISH: (your choice of colours)

  • Polishing paint for all types of walls: plain, rustic, with a rough or fine finish.

PLAIN PAINT FINISH: (your choice of colours)

  • Preparation for the plastered and sanded walls and ceilings for plain finish with a high quality paint spray gun.

OTTOCENTO AND CARAVAGGIO PAINT: (your choice of colours)

  • Interior paint with finish with a smooth effect and with a soft velvet touch.

SABULA PAINT: (your choice of colours)

  • Paint with doble plain finish.
  • With a high hardness and cleanliness.
  • With a grit effect.


  • Placing of any type of wallpaper for:
    Kitchens, etc.

LACQUERED AND VARNISHING: (your choice of colours)

  • Paint for all types of wood:
    Doors and frames.
    Kitchens, etc.
    Coloured or tinted paint finish.
    Your choice of colours.

ENAMELING: (your choice of colours)

  • Paint with antirust primer and enameling finish for all type of iron for exteriors.

EXTERIOR PAINT: (your choice of colours)

  • Waterproof stone paint with plain or rough effect for facades.
  • Weather-resistant paintwork.