We carry out all types of instalations and maintenance:

  • Galvanized steel piping.
  • Copper piping.
  • Polypropylene piping.
  • Polythene piping.
  • Multilayer piping.
  • PVC of pressure.

Pressure sets
In some high places, old buildings or rural areas with their own collecting system or with accumulation tank, the pressure is not always the required one. Pressure sets are used to generate an additional pressure to the pipeline network in the cases where there is not enough pressure to supply the building.

Water treatment

  • Water softener: They descale lime and scale with proven effectiveness in old installations. They avoid lime and scale deposits in the plumbing. They neutralize the effects of the pipes corrosion. They preserve the quality of the water.
  • Reverse-osmosis water purifier: Reverse-osmosis water purifier with a reduced size, low price, high features, easy installation and easy maintenance. Perfect for household use. It includes maximum quality components: a 50 GPD high production membrane, plastic or anticorrosive metal deposits, double filtration of activated carbon to secure the working order of the membrane and ceramic tap. It has five phases (5u filtration, carbon gac, carbon bloc, membrane and post-carbon). Fast tube fitting. Installation kit. Tap with ceramic valve and double volume of flow. Membrane Fimtec. Steel deposit with plastic covering with pressure bomb (Pressures lower than 2,5 kg/cm2 or salinity higher than 1000 pppm).

Swimming pools

We build polyester or concrete swimming pools.

Underfloor heating

The heat provided by the underfloor heating is uniform in the entire house. A very important condition to the human comfort is that between the warmest and the coldest points of the house, the difference of temperature is not higher or lower to 5ºC. The heat comes from the floor (very important in a home with little children) and gets to the heigh of 2 or 3 meters, just where the heat is needed. Hydraulic circuit: To be able to carry our the heat distribution in the building, a closet circuit of water under pressure is installed. Generally, it consists of a pressure pipe with a high temperature and another one, that returns from the radiators, with a lower temperature. The water travels through the circuit transfering the heat to the rooms through the radiators. Normally, this distribution is carried out by means of different independents circuits in order to control consumption and optimize the performance. For example: in a clinic, every floor can be indepentent with a different circuit and different temperatures according to the service or task that is developed. The areas of hospitalization will have a higher temperature than the offices or places where users carry out active tasks. The materials used in the circuits are the drawn steel, copper and polypropylene (in less proportion).