Manufacture and installation in the building work of wood carpentry products. Technical advising in design and in the choice of materials for the products.

We work stantard and personalized caprentry.


  • Acoustic and decorative wooden paneling.
  • Made-to-measure furniture for offices, business premises, houses, etc.
  • Reinforced and armour-plated entrance doors.
  • Passage doors: We count with a great variety of models, designs and colours for interior doors.
  • Made-to-measure and built-in wardrobes.
  • Systems for interior sliding doors, exterior sliding doors, folding and sliding doors.
  • Great variety of exteriors for closets, such as plain doors in lacquered wood or melamine finish wood.
  • Combined doors with wood and decorative or coloured glass, combined doors with glass and aluminium, etc.
  • Interior of wardrobes in melamine finish wood of 16mm and 19mm with a great variety of colours and textures.


  • With different styles: clásic, rustic, modern, etc.
  • 3D simullation of your kitchen’s project.
  • Wide range of top-quality products with fine beech, oak, cherry tree, pine fine wood.
  • Innovative designs in laminated doors.
  • Wide and luxurious range of lacquered doors with a great variety of colours.
  • Doors with postform with colours and innovative designs.
  • Wide range of interior systems for kitchens such as total extraction systems and self-closing for drawers, pot-and-pan drawers, cutlery drawers, etc.
  • Ejectable units such as storage baskets, columns, frames, bottle rack units, waste containers, etc.

We create what you desire using top-quality raw materials and woods such as: mahogany, cherry tree, pine, oak, chapelly, teak, ash tree, walnut, Mobila, fir, phenolic plywood and marine board.