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We do all kind of reforms and maintenance of homes.
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We offer for your business or company with an extensive list of services.
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General maintenance of communities.
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Public works

Public works

Management and execution of public works.
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Comprehensive reforms

In Reforms Novodeco we are specialists in the planning of comprehensive reforms. Our extensive experience in the construction industry allows us to execute all kinds of comprehensive reforms since its planning. We run, therefore, comprehensive reforms of homes and business premises for companies. We have a team of professionals, all of the trades involved in a comprehensive reform, which will advise on the best choice of reform according to the needs and possibilities offered by the property, always adjusting to the budget predefined by the client.

We advise

In Reforms Novodeco listen to his proposal for reform, and consider whether there is a best combination of the options offered by the housing, in terms of distribution, lighting, materials... to make better use of the resources. In comprehensive reforms, we provide the 3D project so you can see the final finish of your reform, and to be able to check the combination of the colors, lighting, spaces, etc

We plan to

Once you have determined and chosen the project, we have developed a methodical way the planning that includes the deadlines for the execution of each part included in the reform. We appreciate thoroughly the minimum time required for each of the parts and we adhere strictly to this plan, by ensuring rigorous compliance with the agreed deadlines.


After acceptance of the quotation, we are preparing the implementation of the reform with a coordination absolute of all the trades involved in the work. In Novodeco prepare carefully the housing to soil as little as possible and provide maximum protection for furniture and surfaces that are going to keep.

We deliver

In Reforms Novodeco we offer service key in hand, so you need not worry about from the beginning. At the end of the work, clean up and collect completely to your home. In addition, in comprehensive reforms, we offer the service of cleaning integral to our charge, for directly to enjoy your home.


We transform spaces with precision and style. From the revitalization of the kitchen to the modernization of bathrooms and commercial premises, our reforms will add value and functionality to every room.


The kitchen is the part of the house that more damage suffers. Normally this is the part that is first reform. Sometimes, with a simple reform kitchen the home changes being renewed almost completely. In a reform of the cuisine is very important to take into account the customs and habits of the family to assess needs that must satisfy the work.

In Reforms Novodeco we advise you to make the most of your kitchen and make it more comfortable to work in it and to facilitate its cleaning. We are a company in constant update on trends in decoration of kitchens and materials.


In Reforms Novodeco also run minor reforms, such as bathrooms. The bathroom is a room that is used the most and, therefore, one of the parts of the house that you first need a reform. Another of the causes which does require a reform of the bathroom is the change of the needs of the people, either by the passage of years, or for the arrival of a new person. Well, one of the most requested services in Novodeco is the change of the tub for shower.

We work with top brands and build your bathroom as taking into account the needs of each client and the established budget.

Local business

One of the main areas of work of Novodeco is the service of reforms for companies. If you're planning a new business, trust something as important as the reformation and decoration for your local business professionals, since this type of project requires a considerable investment, and the appearance and style of the local may condition the success of the project.

We offer the services of reforms from the project planning to the final execution of the work, passing through the maintenance and minor works that may need your company. We also provide the 3D project for the reform of the local, to our charge, in which you'll be able to see the end result of the reform.


The basis of any solid project. Our experts in masonry, plumbing, electricity, painting and take care of every detail, ensuring flawless results and long-lasting.


In Novodeco we have a team of masons with experience in the sector that is responsible for the rehabilitation or maintenance of homes, offices, commercial premises, buildings, facades, stairs and decks.


Installation and maintenance of all types of plumbing systems.


We work with all major brands of mechanisms that are currently on the market: Simon, BJC, Legrand, Bticino, "Niessen", Hager, etc., in both in the reform of housing as in commerce or industry.

Installation solutions for home automation control, automation and energy saving specialists in home automation systems with KNX.


Novodeco paintings is a company in continuous evolution. We guarantee years of experience and dedication in the field of painting and decorating. We have a large infrastructure professionals with the resources most modern materials and the most innovative machinery that allow to achieve high quality finishes.


Elevating the aesthetics and functionality with a master artisan. With either wood, metal or aluminum, our services joinery offer custom solutions and high quality for every need.


We manufacture and install products and carpentry, of wood, and offer technical advice on the design and choice of materials of products.

Carpentry work standard and custom.

Aluminum and PVC

Adaptable to any shape of window and architectural design, the aluminum enclosures provide clearly a high aesthetic component. Not only to protect but also to decorate them. The wide range of colors, including shades of smooth or anonizadas, wood with finish surface, smooth or textured, in line with the new architectural trends, bringing innovation and differentiation to each project.


Our eagerness to meet the most demanding needs, in a market every day asking for more customization and differentiation, has led us to provide our products an added value, a spectrum of possibilities that allows us to perform any work required by the client.


Innovation and expertise are join in our additional services. From the visual planning with 3D projects to the installation of systems of air conditioning and heating, each aspect of your project is taken care of by experts in marble, granite, marble, glassware, and more.

3D projects

In Reforms Novodeco we project 3D for all kinds of reforms, construction and interior work. The design work in 3D allows for a preview of the job, which is vital for optimal planning and distribution of the reform.


Plaster | Drywall

In Novodeco we're also committed to the rehabilitation and decoration in plaster and plaster of any kind of building: commercial, home, office, etc, we Also do interior work with Plasterboard. We have the resources necessary for the execution of any work.

Ac | Heating

Control your comfort at all times. Trust in our experience in installation of systems of air conditioning and heating of the first level. We work with leading brands to guarantee the highest performance and durability in each project.

Marble and granite

Marble is a metamorphic rock compact formed from limestone rocks, which, subjected to high temperatures and pressures, achieve a high degree of crystallization.

We are dedicated to working the stone for several years, taking in our facilities machinery with the latest advances that are in the sector, which allows us to offer a high-quality finishes, quickly, and in short, to be able to be competent.


From colourless glass up to the most decorative stained glass beveled etched with sand or acid. We also offer you our service of creation of artistic stained glass of great beauty and quality.
Are more than 10 years we have been serving hundreds of homes. By insulating their homes and decorate their interiors with magnificent paintings, mirrors, stained glass, murals, bath screens, glass tables, aquariums, etc
We have also provided to businesses, public and private schools our services, products with the most cutting-edge in the market and suitable to each type of activity.